What is NOT Included in New Jersey Child Support Payments?

What is NOT Included in New Jersey Child Support Payments?


When spouses first discover that they will be required to make child support payments, they may worry about what exactly these payments will cover. How many expenses will they need to pay for their child? What is covered, and what is not? Where is the line drawn, and when can you avoid paying for things that are clearly unnecessary and outside the scope of normal “care?”

All of these questions and many others can be answered by a qualified, experienced child support attorney in New Jersey. Choose a lawyer who is specifically experienced with matters relating to child support, and you will stand a much better chance of reaching a positive legal outcome. Truth be told, many things can potentially be covered by child support payments. In fact, it is easier to list what is not covered by these payments in New Jersey:

Fancy Meals at Restaurants Every Day

Food costs are considered an important part of a non-custodial parent’s child support obligations. This is meant to cover costs like groceries and other expenses that ensure a child is eating a nutritious diet. However, there is a limit to these costs. If the custodial parent suddenly starts taking their child to dinner at fancy restaurants every day after your separation, the court could not reasonably expect you to cover these expenses with your child support payments. Of course, this also depends on the standard of living the child has become accustomed to before the separation took place.

Sports Footwear

You are also expected to pay for clothing with your child support payments. This covers a wide range of potential garments, including winter coats, diapers, and everything else a child might need. However, one of the key limitations of this is the fact that you will not be expected to pay for sports footwear for your child.

A Car Used by the Child

Transportation costs are also factored into your child support payments. This includes things like public transportation, school bus fees, and any amount that the custodial parent spends to transport the child around from place to place. However, you will not be expected to pay for expenses related to a car that a child primarily uses.

Special Celebrations

Generally, child support payments do not need to cover special celebrations, such as Bar Mitzvahs and “Sweet Sixteen” parties.

College Tuition

College tuition is calculated separately, and it is not factored into your initial child support payments in New Jersey.

It Depends on How Much the Parents Earn

Of course, everything depends on the amount that you earn. If you earn high sums, you will probably be expected to cover “extraordinary expenses,” such as private school tuition, horse riding lessons, and so on. The standard of living a child became accustomed to during the course of the marriage is another important consideration.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Child Support Attorney in New Jersey

If you are concerned that you may be paying for too many expenses with your child support payments, it makes sense to consult with an attorney who is specifically experienced with these matters. Contact Giro, LLP, Attorneys at Law today, and we can help you stop paying for things that are not required under New Jersey child support rules. Book a consultation today, and we can develop an action plan together.



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