Tips for Enforcing Child Support in New Jersey

Tips for Enforcing Child Support in New Jersey



Are you currently supposed to receive child support from the other parent of your child? The support could help lessen the financial burden on you. The cost of raising a child is certainly not cheap. You may foot the bill for nearly everything, including the cost of groceries, school supplies, diapers, and all kinds of necessities. If you are not currently receiving the support that has been requested of you from the other parent of your child, you need to know some important tips that could help with the process of enforcing child support in New Jersey.

Request to Have Income Withheld

If you know your former partner is working but he or she is still not paying the child support to you to help cover some child-related expenses, you could request to have his or her income withheld. The way that this works is that you can hire an attorney to file a petition to the court to have the amount of money deducted from this individual’s paychecks. Rather than waiting for the individual to pay the money to you, it would get deducted from the check like a bill and sent directly to you.

Tax Refund Offset

When your former partner was working but is suddenly out of work, not paying child support, and not communicating with you, additional steps may be taken to help collect what is owed to you for your child. An attorney can file a petition to request that the court take the necessary steps to offset the individual’s tax refund. When this person files his or her taxes and is expected to receive a tax refund, the amount of child support owed would get deducted from that refund and sent to your bank account to cover all the missed child support payments.



Additional Measures

Having the income withheld from paychecks and offsetting tax refunds are two of the common measures taken to help parents receive the child support that is owed to them to cover the cost of child-related expenses. However, additional measures may be taken when these two options are not working out because the individual does not have a job or is getting paid under the table. These additional measures include putting a warrant out for the individual’s arrest or seizing property owned by the individual, including vehicles, vacation properties, and more.

Let an Attorney Help You

When you have a child to take care of, you would expect the other parent to want to provide plenty of support, but that does not always happen. If you are having a difficult time collecting child support from the other parent of your child, you do have options. There are ways to enforce child support payments and you can learn more about them from an experienced lawyer. Giro Law is there to help clients with their child support needs. If you want to take action against your former partner and receive the money that is owed to your child, get in touch with us today at 201-690-1642. You can also fill out the contact form on our website and someone will get in touch with you.




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