Testing Ask an Estate Planning Lawyer in Paramus New Jersey: How do I Remember to Plan?

Ask an Estate Planning Lawyer in Paramus New Jersey: How do I Remember to Plan?

As we age, one of the most notable changes to our bodies is to brain function. Memory loss is a common symptom of aging. At first, the memory loss is isolated and occurs so infrequently that it can be quickly dismissed as being caused by exhaustion or trying to juggle too many things at once. When age-related cognitive loss begins, the memory loss is gradual.

After a while, you begin to notice that you are losing your memory. Next up, your loved ones, immediate family members, and friends notice you are losing your memory. There are gaps that you are unable to fill unless reminded of or prompted by someone else. Some memories return; others are lost forever. Alzheimer’s disease, in its most severe form, results in memory loss so drastic that you may not know your spouse or children and you may demonstrate fear when they talk to you because you experience them as stranger and not loving members of your family.

Age-related memory loss may be a particular concern to those who have a history of diminished cognitive function in their family tree. You might choose to ignore the signs and not seek attention from a doctor to determine why it is happening or if there is anything you can do about it. Alzheimer’s, for example, is a long and steady decline in the cognitive thinking of a person. There is no cure or medication that can be taken to minimize the worst symptoms of the disease.


The Constellation of Neurons

Our nervous system is composed of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. This network consistently shares data among its parts through the neurons. Neurons assist people with walking, talking, standing, remembering to take their medications, going to church on Sundays, etc. These actions are so commonplace, that they are reflexive and can occur automatically without little purposeful thought. All these functions are regulated by neurons, brain cells that are unable to replicate or reproduce. The effect of this physical phenomena is that as we age and lose neurons, we only learn what the neuron did when we lose a particular function.

It is important to set up an estate plan before cognitive loss starts happening. By the time you are diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia, it will be too late to prepare an estate plan because you may be missing the ability to make decisions. The foundation of a solid estate plan consists of five documents — a will, durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will, and revocable living trust. These documents need to be prepared before the onset of any illness or occurrence of an accident to ensure your wishes are followed.


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