Taking Time to Discuss Estate Planning

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Taking Time to Discuss Estate Planning

Many people are indoors now as they are required by their state and local governments to “shelter-in-place” or “stay home” due to the COVID-19 epidemic. During this time, your elderly loved one’s may either be staying with you, or you may be communicating with them often to ensure that they remain safe and healthy. During this time where many other of life’s obligations are required to be placed on hold, consider having a conversation with your elderly loved ones about their estate planning needs, and what their wishes are for after they pass away.

Estate Planning During a Global Pandemic

You do not need to have intense conversations with color-coded spreadsheets and detailed finances. This time is already stressful enough for most people. However, if your elderly loved one, or if you yourself, have never sat and considered what your estate planning needs are, now may be the time. These conversations can be held throughout several days or weeks, and they do not have to be intense number-crunching sessions. Instead, find out the wishes of your loved one, or sit with your spouse and think about what your estate planning needs truly are.

More Than a Last Will and Testament

Many people think that an estate plan is simply a Last Will and Testament. However, there are several different documents that will encompass someone’s estate plan including ones that outline who will ultimately have the power of attorney regarding financial or health decisions. Additionally, take into account such things as long-term care insurance, life insurance, or end of life care insurance. Cover all of your options and make decisions accordingly. Discuss these matters with your elderly loved ones, and with your spouse. Making sure to take this time indoors together to make these decisions can help you once you do decide to execute these documents.

Consider Questions

Your elderly loved ones may have questions. If you are considering estate planning for yourself, you may also have questions. Make sure to take this time to ask these questions and come up with answers that everyone agrees upon and everyone understands. This will help ensure that there will be no legal battles or hard feelings after a family member passes away.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

We are still working through this global pandemic, and we are here to answer your questions. We are more than happy to talk with you about any estate planning needs for you or your family members by phone, or even by video conferencing. Many documents can be mailed or sent electronically. We want to help ensure that all of your wishes are fulfilled regarding your estate plan. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at the law firm of Giro Law at 201-690-1642. We look forward to helping provide you with the answers you need as we all stay safe during this tumultuous time.


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