New Jersey and New York Benefits for Elderly Veterans

As American veterans age, the Department of Veterans Affairs adjusts the level of benefits they receive. The 2012 Census recorded more than 12.4 million veterans age 65 and older living in
the United States. The VA offers a few services specifically for elderly veterans in need of ongoing custodial or medical care, including a program called Housebound. Housebound is a pension program through which veterans receive monthly monetary assistance.

The increased amount may be added to a veteran’s “basic” monthly pension and is designed for former service members who are substantially confined to their homes because of permanent

To qualify for a Housebound pension, a veteran must first qualify for basic pension, which requires the following:

  1. Yearly income below the limit set by law;
  2. At least 90 days active duty service;
  3. At least one day served during a period of wartime; and
  4. An honorable or otherwise not dishonorable discharge.

In addition, a veteran must also be:

  • Age 65 or older; or
  • Totally and permanently disabled; or
  • A patient in a nursing home; or
  • Receiving Social Security Disability insurance; or
  • Receiving Supplemental Security income.

Applications for the Housebound program must include a detailed report about the veteran’s condition, ideally containing documentation from a physician, and should indicate how well he or she ambulates (i.e., where he or she goes, a description of his or her typical day).

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