How an Attorney can Help With Child Support Issues

How an Attorney can Help With Child Support Issues

When you are separated from the mother or father of your child, you may run into some child support issues that need to get resolved. If your ex is not paying child support and you have the children most of the time, you are likely feeling frustrated over the lack of financial support you are receiving to help care for the kids. No matter what types of issues you are facing, an attorney can help you in several ways.


Calculating How Much Child Support You Should Receive

If you have never received support from your ex for the children, you might not know how much money you can receive. After meeting with an attorney and providing financial information, the attorney can calculate how much child support you should receive.

The information is based on the amount of money you earn, the amount of money your ex is currently earning, and the number of children you have together. Some other factors are also considered when the attorney is calculating your child support payments. After letting you know how much you should receive, the attorney can create a legal contract for your ex to sign to agree to pay that amount each month for the children.


Negotiating with Your Ex and His or Her Attorney to Avoid a Court Battle

The attorney can negotiate with your ex and his or her attorney during this process. When your ex first finds out that you would like to collect child support, he or she might not be thrilled about it, but that compensation is necessary to provide for the children.

It is your children who will benefit from the child support you receive. You should not have to struggle to afford bills and basics for your children simply because the other parent is not supportive. If your ex does not agree to the amount that you believe you should receive, you may be willing to negotiate and accept a bit less. Your attorney will work on handling the negotiations and will not agree to anything that is lower than the amount you need to receive for the children.

When you have an attorney negotiating for you, it is possible to avoid a frustrating and tiring legal battle in the courtroom. If you want to avoid going to court, you can always have a legal agreement created and signed by both parties that states how much money you will receive from your ex for the children each month. Compromising is often the key to having success with child support issues.

You can run into different issues when trying to collect child support from your ex. If you are having a difficult time with this type of situation, you need to hire an attorney who will take an aggressive approach to help you receive the child support for the benefit of the children. At Giro Law, we are ready to help. Schedule your appointment to speak with one of our experts by completing the contact form on our site or calling us directly at 201-690-1642.



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