Helping Your Kids Understand Divorce

Parents who are divorcing have an additional responsibility to attend to during and after their divorce which couples without children do not have. Helping your children understand and process the changes that are happening in your family is an important task, and it can be difficult to know how to go about it. While there is no one correct way to do so, know that if you approach the topic in a sensitive and caring way, everyone will benefit.

One way to help your children come to terms with your divorce is to do your best to cooperate with your soon to be former spouse, especially when discussing anything related to the kids. When children see parents interacting in a respectful way, even when they disagree, it helps them to understand that the divorce is not about them. It is also absolutely essential that you do not relay messages to each other through your children, as this can make them feel uncomfortable at best, and at worst could cause them to feel as though they have to choose one of you over the other.

Another helpful thing that you can do for your children during a divorce is to keep as much of their life as consistent as possible. Children take comfort in routines and stability, and knowing that not everything in their life will change as a result of the divorce can help them to feel at ease. Also, make sure that they understand that you support their relationship with their other parent, because this can help them to adjust to the changes in your family and your schedule.

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Children of all ages benefit when you discuss your divorce with them at an age appropriate level. By doing so, you give them the opportunity to learn about what is going on, ask questions about it, and tell you how they feel. Some parents avoid discussing their divorce with their children, but this can cause them to become anxious and confused because they feel the tension that is present in their home and do not get any information about why the tension exists.

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