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Our attorneys will make sure that your assets will be inherited by your loved ones and heirs. Call us now at (201) 690-1642. 

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Estate Planning Attorney in River Edge, New Jersey

Estate planning attorney, when done in a timely manner, will save your family from the frustrations, costs, and complications that may arise from managing your estate should you become disabled or pass away suddenly. 

At Giro Law Offices in River Edge, New Jersey, we help our clients make sure that their assets are passed on according to their wishes through our creative and effective strategies. They can expect our services to be conducted discreetly and professionally, while honoring the principles of timeliness as well as cost-effectiveness.

Our lawyers at Giro Attorneys at Law, LLC empathize with your situation, which is why we are aggressive in protecting the interests of Bergen County, Hackensack, New Jersey clients in estate litigation cases. We have represented clients occupying various roles in an estate administration dispute, and we will fight to enforce your rights, as well.


Our Goal

Our main goal is to ensure that our clients can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their assets will be inherited by their loved ones and heirs. Giro Law Offices has a solid background in estate planning, and we understand the importance of individualized approaches for our clients’ unique needs. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of each client’s financial, personal, tax, and public benefits needs. We ensure that titling and correct asset allocations are set in place to meet each client’s goals.

How We Deal Our Clients

We encourage our clients to think about estate planning, as this process allows you to take care of your family ahead of time. Instead of thinking about disability or death, working on estate planning allows clients to preserve their hard-earned assets, accumulated over a lifetime of hard work. By having an estate plan, you are able to provide for your family and the many generations to come, allowing you to establish your legacy.

In addition, estate litigation can arise when:

Creditors attempt to obtain payment for the deceased’s debts, but the estate representative contests the claim;

Heirs, beneficiaries, or the representative dispute paternity of an individual claiming to be an interested party; and,

Many other circumstances.

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Professional Elder Care Attorneys

We Offer Flat Rates

If the client does not wish to be billed on an hourly basis, they won’t be. Our fees are agreed to in advance and there are no surprises. Most clients prefer this agreement and so do we.

Over 30 Years of Dedicated Practice to Elder Law

Our elder care attorneys have over 30 years of experience, who will fight for your legal rights with proven strategies to meet your needs and win the case.

Professional Support Team

If you have some legal issues and need to speak to someone, our team will contact you quickly and attempt to answer all of your questions. If you need to speak to the attorney, you will be able to make an appointment the same day.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Professional Elder Care Attorneys

Maurice Giro

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Mr. Giro takes a compassionate approach to estate planning and elder lawmatters and takes the time to truly understand his clients’ situation and goals…


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Andrea M. Beckford, Esq. is an alumna of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Minor in Legal Studies…

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