Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits For New Jersey/New York Veterans

Many veterans and their families are aware of the basic benefits and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, but they are often unaware of a special VA pension that could reduce the cost of assisted living for veterans.

This pension, called the Aid and Attendance pension, provides monetary assistance to veterans who need custodial care, or help with their activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, and dressing.

Who can apply?

The general veteran eligibility requirements for the Aid and Attendance pension are:

  1. Yearly income below the limit set by law;
  2. At least 90 days of active military service;
  3. At least one day served during a period of wartime; and
  4. An honorable or otherwise not dishonorable discharge.

What does the pension provide?

If a veteran qualifies for assistance under the Aid and Attendance pension, he or she can receive:

  • Up to approximately $1,700 monthly for an unmarried veteran’s care;
  • Up to approximately $1,100 monthly for a surviving spouse;
  • Up to approximately $2,100 monthly for a married veteran; and/or
  • Up to approximately $1,400 monthly for a veteran’s spouse in need of care.

The amount per month a veteran receives from the pension program is determined by subtracting the total amount of unreimbursed costs for custodial care from the total income the veteran receives each month. This calculation can become complicated when assessing a veteran’s total healthcare expenses in combination with his or her income and assets.

An attorney with experience in veterans affairs can evaluate whether you qualify for the Aid and Attendance pension program and help you maximize your benefits in New Jersey or New York. Start the process today with Giro Attorneys at Law, LLP, by calling one of our knowledgeable attorneys at (201) 690-1642.


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