Accessing Your New Jersey Medicare Benefits in a Natural Disaster

Preparedness is key when your residential area is affected by a natural disaster, but something people often forget to consider is how they will access their Medicare benefits and services in the
event of a weather emergency.

If your area is in an official state of emergency, the rules for your medical care might change temporarily. You can confirm whether your area has been declared such by contacting the New
Jersey Governor’s Office, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

One of your primary concerns in this regard will likely be ensuring you have no lapse in obtaining all the prescription medications you need. If you are not able to go to your usual pharmacy, or your medications were lost or damaged because of a disaster, contact your Medicare drug plan representative to find a safe network pharmacy nearby. If you cannot safely go to an in-network pharmacy, your Medicare plan representative can also help you find an out- of-network pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

In addition, if you lost medical equipment, like a walker or wheelchair, or medical supplies for which Medicare already paid, in many cases, Medicare will cover the cost to repair or replace those. Medicare can also cover costs associated with renting equipment or supplies while you wait for your replacements.

If you need medical care during a disaster and you have Original Medicare, you can see any doctor who accepts Medicare. Alternatively, if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, your plan will generally make temporary changes to its rules during an emergency and allow you to see in-or out-of- network doctors without prior authorization.

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